Michael Drury speaks at “The Cyber Threat: Past Present and Future”

In an event hosted by Enyo Law on 19 September Michael Drury spoke as part of a small panel including Sir Bernard Hogan Howe (former Metropolitan Police Commissioner) to a City audience on the topic of “The Cyber Threat: “Past Present and Future”.

Michael’s presentation focussed upon the reporting of incidents and the need for incentives to increase reporting through Government Agencies being more forward leaning, not only in catching cyber criminals where companies are the victims of crime, but also in assisting the victims minimising data loss and other damage. Michael noted what appears to be the current offering from the US Department of Justice in respect of cyber attacks affecting US companies. He argued such initiatives were needed alongside the enhanced reporting requirements in the soon-to-come-into-effect General Data Protection Regulation, which it seems inevitable will be the UK model even post-BREXIT, further noting the unhelpful “mixed messages” where reporting inevitably results in action against the victim by the ICO with associated grave reputational, and further financial, damage to the victim.