Risk Management, Internal Investigations & Private Prosecutions

  • "With experts in asset recovery, tax fraud and SFO investigations, the group is a first choice ... from large corporate entities to individuals"

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  • " 'extremely capable' team is noted for its 'clear strength in regulatory investigations' "

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Risk Management, Internal Investigations & Private Prosecutions

"at the forefront of the market ... the team's partners relate well to clients and can think outside the box" (Chambers UK)

Within BCL, we have substantial experience and expertise in the investigation and prosecution of a broad range of wrong doing. As well as defending the largest and most high profile investigations and prosecutions, we regularly conduct internal investigations and have lawyers with first hand prosecution experience, including a former head of the fraud division at CPS Headquarters. In addition, we advise overseas governments and provide training to overseas judges, prosecution lawyers and investigators, as well as advise on the prosecution of individual cases.

Our expertise covers the whole spectrum of BCL's work profile from fatal accidents to fraud, corruption, cartels and money laundering, and includes international and multi-jurisdictional investigations. Combined with our expert understanding and frontline experience of the criminal law in practice, we are uniquely placed to conduct a privilege protected internal investigation where there is an allegation or concern of potential criminality; this being particularly important where there are associated civil proceedings with wide ranging disclosure obligations. We have extensive internal resources and, where necessary, we also form multi-disciplinary teams of forensic accountants, experts and foreign lawyers.

We also advise on risk management and the establishment of appropriate procedures and controls, which is increasingly necessary, not only to minimise the risk of fraud, but also to ensure compliance with the ever increasing regulation of organisations and financial institutions, whether in relation to corruption, cartels, money laundering or safety.

In addition, BCL has considerable experience of assisting individuals and organisations who have been the victim of crime, as well as advising and assisting potential witnesses on all aspects of the prosecution process. This includes advising on how to manage the relationship with the investigator and prosecuting authority to ensure that our client’s interests (including any claim for compensation) are properly taken into account. We also advise and assist clients where a private prosecution is launched or being considered.

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