BCL welcomes David Hardstaff to the partnership

BCL welcomes David Hardstaff to the partnership

Following the announcement of their promotion to the partnership, we caught up with our five new partners to chat with them about, amongst other things, what drives them, the importance of a work-life balance, and some of the key lessons they have learnt during their careers so far.

In this edition, we spoke with David Hardstaff, a new partner at BCL, who outside of work enjoys escaping life’s everyday stresses with a run with his Border-Terrier, or a weekend away on the coast of Cornwall sampling the local seafood.


How are you feeling about becoming a new partner at BCL and what are you hoping to bring to your new role?

”I’m excited and incredibly proud, but also mindful that it’s the start of a new process of development as a partner. I’m fortunate to work within a wonderful team and hope to be part of growing our serious and general criminal practice whilst ensuring the high quality of representation we’re known for. I’m a relatively young partner, which I hope will enable me to bring something new to the table.”


Reflecting on your own career so far, what advice would you give to those that are beginning a career in criminal law?

”Don’t sell yourself short and take every opportunity to learn and develop your skills as a litigator and advocate. Sometimes the opportunity to learn presents itself in unusual places, but it’s all good experience and often leads to your next big break.”


What trends have you seen developing in the criminal law sector over the last few years and where do you see the industry heading in the future?

”As the criminal justice system struggles to function, those caught up in it need good representation more than ever. Sadly, I don’t see the situation improving anytime soon. Despite this, I know we can still make an important difference to the lives of people facing allegations and victims of crime.”


We all know balancing work vs life is at times difficult so how do you maintain a good balance of meaningful time away from work vs the commitments of a working week?

”It can be difficult at times, because I love what I do and I care deeply for my clients. When I need a break, I crank up the music and go running with my Border Terrier, Stevie. I imagine we’re fugitives on the run together. It’s great escapism.”


How do you relax outside of work and what or where would be your ideal weekend away?

”A glass of wine with my cat, Tom, or crab sandwiches on the beach in Cornwall. Sometimes the simple things in life are best.”


David Hardstaff specialises in criminal litigation, professional discipline, and regulatory law, acting for professionals, high-profile individuals, and corporates facing the most severe and complex allegations. His practice encompasses wider crisis and reputation management. He also specialises in controlled drug licensing and has secured Home Office licences in research and drug development projects.

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