Michael Drury and Julian Hayes discuss Facial Recognition Technology in Euronews article

Michael Drury and Julian Hayes discuss Facial Recognition Technology in Euronews article

BCL partners, Michael Drury and Julian Hayes write for Euronews on facial recognition technology in the wake of a judge ruling that the South Wales Police’s use of the technology was lawful.

Here’s an extract from the article:

“An insidious threat to privacy or a step-change in police ability to identify and catch known and suspected offenders? Broadly those are the opposing standpoints framing the debate about the increasing use of facial recognition technology (FRT), which uses algorithms to compare live images of people’s faces with photographs held on a database or “watchlist” to identify individuals “of interest”. FRT therefore presents twin issues concerning the collection of data of the “innocent” and the labelling of those of interest.

Claims for the utility of FRT vary from identifying criminals, locating missing children and even informing pub and bar staff who is next in line to be served. However, FRT is still in a juvenile state and studies tend to show it is prone to error. Concern has also been expressed at the perceived lack of an adequate regulatory framework governing its deployment in the UK, and the consequent risk that it might be abused and lead to miscarriages of justice. This concern extends beyond NGOs to regulators charged with overseeing the technology’s operation.”

This article was originally published by Euronews on 10/09/2019. you can read the full version on their website.

Michael Drury is a partner at BCL with a diverse practice, ranging from extradition to representing individuals in regulatory proceedings brought by the FCA; acting in criminal investigations by the SFO; and is a leading expert on surveillance and investigatory powers as well as information law and cybercrime.

Julian Hayes is a Partner specialising in all aspects of corporate crime and regulatory work. As well as dealing with high profile fraud and corruption matters, including investigations with an international dimension, he has considerable experience of advising corporates on data protection and cybercrime issues.