Sexual Offence Suspects Deserve Anonymity, writes Paul Morris for The Times

BCL partner, Paul Morris has his article, ‘Sexual offence suspects deserve anonymity’ published in The Times, discussing the current consequences of being suspected of a sexual offence and lastingly impacted by negative media coverage.


Here’s a small extract from the article:

“Early publication of a suspect’s name in an investigation into a sexual offence can have devastating consequences. 

While the guarantee of lifelong anonymity for complainants, regardless of the outcome of any police investigation, is enshrined in law, no equivalent protection exists for suspects. A string of recent high-profile investigations – and the announcement earlier this week that Sir Cliff Richard has backed the organisation Falsely Accused Individuals for Reform – highlight the need for action.”

Read the full article here or on The Times’ website.

Paul Morris is a partner at BCL who has extensive experience in complex and serious crime, defending a range of general criminal matters including homicide, sexual offences, blackmail, drugs offences and assault. He has particular experience in crisis and reputation management, advising professionals from the finance, music, medical, sports, political and teaching professions in relation to serious and complex investigations and prosecutions.