The Moratorium Period: What It Does to Your Property, and What to Do When a Court is Asked to Extend It

Few people who receive a notice of an application to extend a moratorium period under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) will have the slightest idea what it means. An unfortunate effect of the evolution of the POCA regime over the years is that it appears long ago to have ceased trying to be intuitive or to have much if anything to do with common sense.

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What Next for Economic Crime Policy? Pointers from the Government’s response to the Treasury Select Committee

The government’s recent response to the House of Commons’ Treasury Select Committee report, ‘Economic Crime – Anti-Money Laundering Supervision and Sanctions Implementation’, provides some pointers for future policy initiatives in this area. These will be of particular interest to businesses in the property sector, others currently supervised by HMRC, and those on the receiving end of banks’ policies of ‘de-risking’.

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