BCL top-ranked in Chambers High Net Worth 2017

BCL top-ranked in Chambers High Net Worth 2017

Chambers & Partners have published the 2017 edition of High Net Worth. BCL has been top-ranked in Financial Crime: High Net Worth Individuals – UK, with five partners identified as leading individuals and ranked as follows:-


Band 1:

Ian Burton

Jane Glass

Richard Sallybanks

Harry Travers


Up and Coming:

Shaul Brazil


In relation to the firm’s position, Chambers High Net Worth states:

BCL defends high net worth individuals in financial crime investigations. “BCL is the pre-eminent criminal fraud firm in the country,” praises an interviewee. “They are the very highest quality and very impressive in the service they provide.” Another source says that “you get a Rolls-Royce team and a Rolls-Royce service.” One commentator regards the team as “extremely effective,” explaining: “If I had a client who is in a difficult situation, I would not hesitate to send them there. They are creative, constructive and very practical.”

“I think it is safe to say over the last years, BCL have actually left the pack behind,” enthuses a source, adding: “They are unquestionably the leading firm in all forms of commercial fraud. Anybody who is in trouble, either being investigated or actually being prosecuted will consider going to them before going to anyone else. They are pre-eminent. They are just excellent.” A fellow market commentator observes that “they are number one and rightly so.”


In relation to the ranked partners, Chambers High Net Worth states:

Richard Sallybanks “is a calm, experienced and highly able lawyer,” remarks a source. “He is very good lawyer,” affirms another interviewee, adding: “A good all-rounder, sensible, hard-working sort of chap who you feel comfortable with.” Sallybanks has an established practice working on serious business fraud and corruption cases. One source notes Sallybanks’ strength as his “in-depth, real and proper knowledge and experience with regulatory bodies,” adding: “He can anticipate their actions.” Another reports that “he is extremely thorough, his judgement is excellent and his client handling is superlative. He is extremely attentive to the details, his preparation of the case papers is of the highest quality.” 

Hailed as “the rain-maker extraordinaire,” Ian Burton is revered for his “exquisite judgement and vast experience,” and is “extremely knowledgeable,” and has “incredible drive to do the best for his clients.” A market commentator remarks: “The client feels like they are in safe hands. He is very pragmatic and has a wealth of experience. He commands respect.” Interviewees particularly highlight Burton’s skills in representing high net worth clients in sensitive matters. One source says: “Ian has developed a practice that has been tailored to private clients and high net worth individuals. Ian has built up a huge network and relationships with related organisations. He has a wonderful manner with clients.” Another source agrees, saying that “he has an amazing ability to win the trust of the clients and assure them he will do his utmost for their case.”

Jane Glass has a notable practice representing individuals under regulatory investigation, particularly SFO and FCA investigations. “She is terrific and incredibly hard-working,” enthuses a source, adding: “She is very dedicated and has very good judgement.” Another interviewee affirms: “Jane is the workaholic of the team. She never gives up, she always wants to know what more can be done.” Glass receives high praise for her client service from one market commentator: “She is incredibly loyal and does the best for her clients. She is great at dealing with egos, she is hard-working, incredibly experienced and extremely available.”

Harry Travers“is probably the best lawyer in the country who does this work,” enthuses one source, explaining: “He is clever, he is highly committed and he is sufficiently versatile to turn his hand to any allegation of wrongdoing.” Travers has long-standing experience representing high net worth clients in fraud, corruption and regulation cases. The source continues: “Commercial crime is complicated, you need to know the tax law and Harry knows it. He is phenomenally versatile because he is phenomenally academic.”

Shaul Brazil “is up and coming at a great speed,” reports one source, explaining: “He is bright and enthusiastic. He is very good at focusing in at the crux of the matter so the problem is dealt with.” Another comments: “Shaul is a real star of the future. He has a criminal background and he was great at conveying his understanding of the law to me.” Brazil represents clients in the areas of corporate crime and professional regulation. “He is young, he is very intelligent and he has a stellar future,” enthuses an interviewee.