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Infodemic: Tackling COVID-19 online disinformation

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, the internet was fertile territory for the spread of dangerous disinformation. Hostile states and malicious or misguided individuals quickly adopted the online sphere as a means of disseminating misleading and harmful material to a global audience for personal, financial or political aims. Steps were already taking place around the world to tackle the scourge of disinformation, often igniting concerns about freedom of speech.

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Coronavirus: Access to Legal Advice Whilst Under Arrest

Following a fortnight of unprecedented measures, culminating in the royal ascent of the wide-ranging Coronavirus Act 2020, legal representatives, as with most professionals, have been forced to radically change the way that they work to comply with the government’s guidance and now law. As many adapt to new ways of working, including working remotely and through making good use of technology, the business of arrested suspects facing interview continues.

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Access to Justice under Coronavirus Lockdown: Update on Emergency Measures

This information is correct as of 5pm 24th March 2020.

Emergency measures in relation to the UK Justice System are developing every day in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. New trials are currently paused so that safety measures can be put in place in courts, but the Government has made it clear that, where possible, proceedings should take place using live audio link and live video link (together ‘live link’). Accordingly, the Coronavirus Bill (‘the Bill’) which is currently progressing through the House of Lords aims to widen the scope for delivering ‘digital justice’.

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