Financial Crime

Updates from the FCA – Looking to 2023

There has been a flurry of activity in recent months from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), with new duties and obligations on regulated firms and individuals on the horizon.  In this article, BCL associate Matt Davies explores areas where the FCA is focusing its attention and provides insight and tips for firms wishing to stay in the regulator’s good books.

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Anti-corruption charities launch a report about lawyers’ compliance with AML laws

BCL partner, John Binns comments on the report published this week by two anti-corruption charities, Spotlight on Corruption and Global Integrity’s Anti-Corruption Evidence Programme, on Anti-money laundering laws as they apply to lawyers and the regulation of the legal sector.

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John Binns writes for The Pharma Letter discussing lessons from an enduring alliance between big pharma and global policing

BCL partner, John Binns writes for The Pharma Letter discussing the challenges of tackling international crime with national law enforcement and explores how Interpol’s Operation Pangea illustrates how they can be overcome in the context of the global fight against illicit medicines.

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