John Binns

Coronavirus: New Legal Powers to Detain ‘Potentially Infectious’ People

The New Powers in Context

The proposed new powers to detain people suspected of having Covid-19 in the UK’s Coronavirus Bill have been called unprecedented, but in fact that is not quite true. Since long before the current crisis there have been statutory powers[1] to protect public health, including for ministers to make various regulations[2], and for magistrates to make various orders on the application of local authorities, including to keep people in quarantine in some circumstances[3].

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Blockchain: from cryptocurrencies to crypto-KYC

As stricter, more complex, requirements in relation to anti-money laundering are implemented in the EU, distributed ledger technology (“DLT”) might offer an answer to streamlining know your client (“KYC”) processes and reducing the frustration around data sharing. In this article, Ami Amin and John Binns discuss what DLT is, what the current issues with KYC are and how blockchain technology (a type of DLT) could offer a solution to the issues presented by traditional KYC processes.

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