FCA Investigations

Updates from the FCA – Looking to 2023

There has been a flurry of activity in recent months from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), with new duties and obligations on regulated firms and individuals on the horizon.  In this article, BCL associate Matt Davies explores areas where the FCA is focusing its attention and provides insight and tips for firms wishing to stay in the regulator’s good books.

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Time is of the Essence as the FCA extends terms for loan restructuring

As part of its response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the FCA announced finalised guidance designed to support consumers facing financial hardship and struggling to repay loans. In favour of consumers, lender firms are instructed to avoid repossession up to 1 April 2021 and consider payment holidays exposing lender firms who fail to adhere to enforcement action.

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Emerging from COVID-19: an opportunity for prosecutors?

Criminal lawyers are always asked by their clients how long they think an investigation or prosecution into allegedly serious offending will take. Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, in a justice system crippled by budget cuts and beset with inefficiencies, the answer would nearly always be measured in years.

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restraint orders proceeds of crime

Restraint Orders: What To Do When Your Assets Are Frozen

For many people who receive or are served with a Crown Court Restraint Order, this will be the first time they have had anything to do with the criminal justice system. In some circumstances it will follow swiftly on from an arrest and/or the execution of a search warrant of their home or business premises, and may have been accompanied by the seizure of cash or property. In others it will simply come alone and without warning, complete with a penal notice to warn the recipient of dire consequences of any failure to comply.

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