Unexplained Wealth

Unexplained wealth orders: The NCA claim to have reached a “milestone”

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has recovered almost £10 million worth of properties and cash from a Leeds-based businessman, Mr Mansoor Mahmood Hussain, in civil recovery proceedings emanating from an unexplained wealth order (UWO).[1]

Commenting on the announcement, the NCA Director General of the National Economic Crime Centre, Mr Graeme Biggar, said: “This case is a milestone, demonstrating the power of Unexplained Wealth Orders, with significant implications for how we pursue illicit finance in the UK.”[2]

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‘Russian elite and criminal money fully integrated in UK, Parliament committee finds’ – Money Laundering Bulletin

BCL partner, John Binns was interviewed by Money Laundering Bulletin for their latest article ‘Russian elite and criminal money fully integrated in UK, Parliament committee finds’.

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Zamira Hajiyeva’s UWO and extradition cases analysed by BCL’s Michael Drury and John Binns

BCL’s Michael Drury and John Binns discuss with Euronews the cases brought against Zamira Hajiyeva, whose cases were widely reported on for details such as a £16 million spending spree at Harrods and the ownership of a house worth £11 million in Knightsbridge.

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UK Summary Forfeiture Guide: What to Do about Seized Cash, Detention of Listed Assets, Account Freezing Orders, and More

An increasing number of people are finding themselves on the receiving end of summary forfeiture proceedings in the magistrates’ court, a system that is designed to be simple and efficient from the point of view of law enforcement, but which carries significant risks for the owners of the property at stake.

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restraint orders proceeds of crime

Restraint Orders: What To Do When Your Assets Are Frozen

For many people who receive or are served with a Crown Court Restraint Order, this will be the first time they have had anything to do with the criminal justice system. In some circumstances it will follow swiftly on from an arrest and/or the execution of a search warrant of their home or business premises, and may have been accompanied by the seizure of cash or property. In others it will simply come alone and without warning, complete with a penal notice to warn the recipient of dire consequences of any failure to comply.

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