Richard Reichman writes for City AM discussing how ground-breaking claims for alleged environmental and human rights harms in the operations

BCL partner, Richard Reichman writes for City.AM discussing how ground-breaking claims for alleged environmental and human rights harms in the operations and supply chains of household name companies and a string of recent high-profile supply chain concerns highlight a gap in the UK’s regulatory regime and the risk of falling behind.

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Environment Agency to issue £250 million civil penalties to polluting water companies

Following the Environment Secretary’s announcement at the Conservative Party Conference this week that he will bring forward proposals for the Environment Agency (EA) to have the power to issue significantly higher civil penalties of up to £250 million to water companies that pollute the environment, BCL’s Richard Reichman and Tom McNeill analyse the wider implications for this proposal.

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Richard Reichman and Tom McNeill to deliver Lexology Webinar on Defending regulatory investigations and prosecutions

BCL’s Richard Reichman and Tom McNeill with 2 Bedford Row’s Barristers Eleanor Sanderson and Shauna Ritchie will be delivering a webinar in partnership with Lexology, 10th November, 05:00 – 06:00 PM BST, titled ”Defending regulatory investigations and prosecutions.”

Register for this webinar here through the Lexology website.

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Online safety: the encryption dilemma – trade-offs

From e-commerce and video-conferencing to messaging friends and colleagues, we take the encryption, and thus the security, of our digital communications for granted. However, while it ensures our privacy, it is also exploited by criminals to evade detection, for example those plotting terrorist atrocities or exchanging child sexual exploitation and abuse material (CSEA). The dilemma – whether to maintain privacy or tackle crime facilitated online – underlies the opposing and often stridently expressed views about encryption. As messaging platforms roll-out end-to-end encryption (E2EE), where not even service providers can decipher messages sent over their systems, law enforcement agencies have sought to preserve their covert ability to observe our communications. The UK’s latest proposals, in amendments to the government’s flagship Online Safety Bill, have aroused fierce industry and privacy group opposition. The ongoing difficulty in resolving the privacy versus safety conundrum in part arises from a failure to level with the public about the trade-offs involved.

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Michael Drury and Tom McNeill write for Lexology’s Getting The Deal Through

BCL’s Michael Drury and Tom McNeill provide a comprehensive guide to the agencies responsible for civil and criminal law enforcement exploring the techniques and the requirements that must be met before a government can commence an investigation, in the England & Wales chapter of Lexology Getting The Deal Through – Government Investigations.

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